*  Based on availability only, you my ask for a 16' Lund boat is provided FREE with each cabin rental.
If you will need to use this boat and/or a motor rental
with your cabin, you must reserve them prior to arrival (after arrival, there is a $15.00 fee).  

Boat Rentals
*    To rent a 16' Lund is $20.00 per day or $100.00 per week plus gas.

Motor Rentals
*   15hp motors are available at $35.00 per day or $175.00 per week plus gas.

Pontoon Rentals
We have a 24' Fishing Pontoon or a 20' Pleasure Pontoon GAS INCLUDED IN THESE PRICES!
Sometimes it's hard for older loved ones to get in and out of a low boat on the dock, these are so easy to walk right on!
Both pontoons are $150.00 day or $600.00 per week, as always- gas is included! So get your friends to pitch worth it!
We have 3 docks for plenty of boat parking.  
If you are staying with us, boat launching, boat docking,
use of canoes & kayaks are
Our 24' Fishing Pontoon
Walk around fishing!
We sell Premium, Regular, and Mixed fuel for your
convenience.  We also have leeches and night crawlers at
the lodge.  Minnows and fishing licenses are sold just down
the road at the Scenic Store in Pennington.

The fish cleaning house is fully screened and lighted with a
large sink, running water, and a wrapping table stocked with
paper for preparing fish for the freezer.
Our 20' Pleasure Pontoon
Great for lake parties & children!